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ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

The quality of input materials guarantees the quality of products

The quality of our products starts with quality materials. That’s why when buying them we carefully select and repeatedly test their properties, thus detecting shortcomings that may be present already when the materials enter the production process. Processing the materials into products that follows takes place in the experienced hands of our long-time employees and under the careful supervision of our quality control specialists. Final inspection is a matter of course at our company. 

We manufacture pursuant to international standards

We obtained our first ISO certificate from the audit firm, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, in 2005. The certificate confirmed that our manufacture was taking place pursuant to the international standard. The quality management system was gradually applied to the entire range of our products, which currently includes: design and production of forms, continuous forms, discreet envelopes, notepads, bags, rolls and prints on them. The production process was regularly recertified in accordance with the ISO standard and, at the present time, we hold the latest quality management certificate as per ISO 9001:2015.

Thanks to applying a systematic quality policy, we’ve been succeeding, for a long time, in preventing qualitative problems, and the percentage of complaints about job orders oscillates below 0.01% of our total output.

CZECH MADE certificate

The CZECH MADE quality mark has had a long-standing tradition in the Czech Republic. Its logo declares the quality of products manufactured and of services provided. We are proud that we have been successful in being awarded this prestigious mark for a long time and repeatedly. All of our products and services have passed an independent test by an accredited testing laboratory and defended successfully their qualities for the next certification period. Unlike other quality certificates, CZECH MADE focuses not only on the quality of the product or service itself but it also investigates the satisfaction of end customers.

EKO-KOM certificate

Environmental protection and sustainability is of great importance to us. So, the collection, separation and recycling of packaging waste is automatically one of the duties of our company. Since 2008 we have been involved in the EKO-KOM collective compliance system.

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