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Paper Bags

We manufacture flat and side gusset paper bags for food packing and other uses. All bags can be completed with clear plastic window. We offer high-quality greaseproof bags made of certified grease resistant and barrier papers, white or brown kraft paper bags intended for food contact, and recycled paper bags for various non-food products. All bag types can be printed with up to four certified food-safe colours. 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, our paper bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags.

Greaseproof Fast-Food Bags

Greaseproof fast food bags have been specially developed for wrapping warm fast food items such as french fries, hamburgers, hot sandwiches, kebabs, hot dogs, fried dough foods, pastries, and other high-fat foods.

Window Bread Bags

Brown paper bags with a clear window made of micro perforated BOPP film allow everyone to see your bread inside and keep it fresh and crisp even if inserted while warm.

Sandwich and Snack Bags

White kraft paper bags with side gussets provide a clean and environmentally friendly solution for a broad range of food packing applications in food outlets,  shops and households.

Coin Bags

Paper coin bags are intended for the packing and transport of coins in cash handling organizations. The bags are flat, with no gusset and are made of brown or white recycled paper.

Custom Paper Bags

Haven’t you found the bags you need in our product range? We are able to make any type of flat bags according to your requirements.

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