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It is advantageous to print small quantities of copies on digital printers

Digital printing is suitable especially for producing small volumes of promotional printed matter (leaflets, brochures, posters) and individualised printed matter (business cards, invitation cards, gift vouchers, New Year cards). Unlike the offset printing technology, such small-volume jobs are economically more advantageous when executed by digital printing because there is no need for a part of costly and time-consuming pre-print preparation for digital printing such as the exposure of the printing plates, converting the machine for the required format, matching of the register of colours etc. With respect to digital printing, pre-printing preparation is only made in the computer that communicates directly with the digital printer. This enables check copies to be printed out quickly, and it allows printing while you wait.

Possibilities and limits of digital printing

Digital printing makes it possible to print on most types of paper and foils. It is possible to execute full-colour or only black-and-white printing, which is cheaper. Digital printing is limited by the impossibility to print with direct colours. The colour scale is defined by the options of four-colour printing (CMYK). It is also not possible to use it for printing on some types of markedly structured paper, either.

Digital printing at KRPA FORM

Digital printing is performed at our firm on the basis of laser printing using Simitri HD E polymerised toners at a printing resolution of 1200 × 1200 dpi × 8 bits. The minimum size of a copy is 85 × 50 mm, and the maximum size is 1200 × 300 mm. During printing it is possible to use paper with an area density ranging from 80 to 300 g/m2. We offer basic bookbinding processing, a stitched V1 binding (with two metal clips), and a ring binder as well as the option to round the corners or folding. The minimum quantity we print is just one item!  

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