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Flexographic printing is simple and cheap

Flexoprinting is a simple method of printing during which colour is applied through a printing block. By means of flexoprinting it is possible to print repetitive texts and simple pictures especially where detailed quality of printing is not stressed. In particular, flexographic printing is used for simple large-volume products such as cash register rolls, paper bags, wrapping papers etc. Flexographic printers are integrated directly in the production line that makes final products. Thus, the printing takes places directly in production, and a roll or bag ready to be packed in a box and despatched is completed at the end of the line. So flexoprinting is popular especially for its simple preparation and low price.  

Possibilities and limits of flexoprinting

Flexoprinting makes is possible to print on most types of paper. It is possible to do full-colour as well as only single-colour printing with the option to print with direct colours, too. Its disadvantage is reduced quality in details compared to more advanced printing technologies such as digital and offset printing. At KRPA FORM we can print paper bags and rolls for cash registers and vending machines using flexoprinting.

Paper rolls with prints

Using flexoprinting, rolls of all kinds can only be printed on one side and with only one colour. This colour isn’t limited in any way, though. Multi-colour printing can be done using our offset device, on both sides of the roll. 

Paper bags with prints

Our production line producing paper bags is equipped with a modern flexoprinting unit that makes it possible to print the entire bag with up to 4 random colours.

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