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We have a broad base of printing machines at our disposal. It includes machines with offset, flexographic and digital printing technologies. In this way, we’re able to produce large quantities of various printed products within a short period of time. All of our machines print predominantly paper and paper products. Our employees are highly qualified in this field as we’ve been engaged in printing since 1993. During work we make use of our own DTP studio, where we professionally adapt your graphics into formats that are suitable for printing machines.

Offset printing

Offset printing is a high-quality printing technology that is suitable for large-volume printing in the order of tens of thousands up to hundreds of thousands of units. It is used, in particular, to print various types of forms (contracts, printed advertising materials, statements etc).

Digital printing

Digital printing is the youngest printing technology. Its quality is very similar to offset printing. For its easy preparation, it is used predominantly for rather small quantities of printed matter from 1 to 9 thousand units. It is employed to apply prints to leaflets, business cards, brochures etc.

Flexographic printing

Flexoprinting is used mainly to apply prints to paper bags and rolls where only simple graphics are normally used.  

DTP studio

Our DTP studio will provide comprehensive services in preprint preparation for you. 

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