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Cash Register and POS Rolls

We manufacture paper rolls suitable for all types of printers, cash registers, POS systems, commercial scales, terminals, vending machines and other devices with both thermal and dot matrix printing technology. We have been engaged in the production of rolls since 1995 and have been awarded the CZECH MADE quality certificate. We offer many standard roll sizes, which we keep in stock, as well as non-standard roll sizes made to order. The advanced technology of flexographic and offset printing allows us to print the rolls with an unlimited number of colours and a high quality of output.

Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls for all types of cash registers, POS systems, EFTPOS terminals, ATMs, receipt printers and other devices with thermal printing.

Printed Rolls

We’ll print logos, texts, pictures as well as security features onto all types of rolls on our offer according to your needs.

Single-Ply Paper Rolls

Single-ply rolls made of wood-free offset paper are intended for cash registers, scales and calculators with dot-matrix printing.

Two-Ply Carbonless Paper Rolls

2-ply rolls made of carbonless paper are used in impact printers where an original and a copy are required. White, pink or yellow paper can be used for either layer.

Coated Paper Rolls

Rolls made of paper with greater grammage and a topcoat are characterised by increased resistance to adverse weather conditions, such as rain, wind, high or low temperature, and sunlight.

Parking Meter Rolls

We produce rolls for parking meters from thermal paper of greater grammage.

Fax Rolls

We produce thermal fax paper rolls compatible with most fax machines using 210 or 216 mm wide rolls.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Filip Hula
mobile: +420 702 167 933
e-mail: filip(***antispam***.***antispam***)hula(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz
Adela Ryplova
mobile: +420 607 178 587
e-mail: adela(***antispam***.***antispam***)ryplova(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz
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