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Digital printing

Digital printing is a cheap and fast method of quality printing especially for small-volume production, from one thousand to thousands of units. Thus, it is very suitable for the printing of leaflets, brochures, catalogues, invitation cards, New Year cards, gift vouchers, vouchers, calendars, business cards and a plenty of other printed matter that is printed more often in smaller batches. At KRPA FORM, we print on high-quality papers intended directly for digital printers. As a result, the quality of printing is almost indistinguishable from offset printing technology. In addition to digital printing, we offer finishing works such as folding, ring binder, stitched binding (V1), rounding of corners, numbering and lamination.

Headed papers

Headed papers processed in a modern way and printed in quality way with a company’s own logo and name are a very presentable means of communication with both customers and the general public.


We manufacture paper notepads in a glued binding that makes it possible to tear off individual sheets with ease; in a ring binder, which is very firm in the spine and has a pleasant design, or in a sewn binding with metal clips.

Business cards

A small card containing contact details and graphics matching your specialisation is an integral part of business dealings. We print both company and personal business cards.

Stick-on labels

A stick-on label is an interesting and simple type of advertising that you can stick to any unconventional place.


A brochure is most often used as an informational or promotional printed matter. We print paper brochures with a stitched binding and ring binder or with sheets loosely inserted.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers can be numbered or marked in another way so that you can easily check on their movement.


We print wall calendars, planning calendars and small pocket calendars that are nice and practical helpers for every day of the year.


We print three various versions of catalogues that differ in the type of binding: V1 stitched binding, ring binder, or loosely inserted sheets in a wrapper. It’s also possible to insert a loose sheet, for example with a price list, into hardbound catalogues.


We print both full-colour and single-colour leaflets without folds as well as folded leaflets with one or two joints.

New Year cards

A printed New Year card will please each of your trading partners or acquaintance whom you can’t visit in person.


A quality poster will catch the attention of every passer-by and attract many faithful and new supporters to your social event.


We’ll print postcards with your own motif for you. A picture is printed on one side of the postcards, and on the other side they have a standard postal form to fill in the address and text in.

Wedding notices

We print wedding notices with photographs and other flat graphics based on your designs and requirements.


We’ll print municipal newsletters for you. You can calculate the price at once in our on-line calculator.

A different product

Haven’t you found a corresponding product in our range? The possibilities of digital printing are much broader.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Filip Hula
mobile: +420 702 167 933
e-mail: filip(***antispam***.***antispam***)hula(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz
Adela Ryplova
mobile: +420 607 178 587
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