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Office Papers

Office papers for your home and bussiness use form a stable part of our product range. We offer printing and writing paper sheets (bond and bank) in different sizes and grammages, and flipchart pads. Papers of our Alabaster, Pearl, Color Mix Pastel and Color Mix Strong brands are suitable for use in photocopiers as well as laser and ink-jet printers and fax machines.

White Copy & Print Paper

We offer two brands of reliable multipurpose office papers: Alabaster™ for your everyday copying and printing needs and Pearl™ for bussiness correspondence, contracts and presentations.

Coloured Paper

Coloured office papers for copying and printing as well as for arts and crafts. Our Color Mix Pastel™ and Color Mix Strong™ papers are suited for use in all standard copying devices and laser or inkjet printers.

Flipchart Pads

Pads of large paper sheets used for meetings, training and presentations, punched to fit all common flipchart easels.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Filip Hula
mobile: +420 702 167 933
e-mail: filip(***antispam***.***antispam***)hula(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz
Adela Ryplova
mobile: +420 607 178 587
e-mail: adela(***antispam***.***antispam***)ryplova(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz
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