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KRPA FORM FORMS WE GUARANTEE TROUBLE-FREE PROCESSING By purchasing quality products you spare both your time and money MORE ABOUT FORMS
CASH REGISTER ROLLS SINGLE-LAYER, DOUBLE-LAYER, THERMAL ROLLS WITH POSSIBILITY OF PRINTING for all cash registers, payment terminals, cash registers for public transport, scales for commercial purposes, cash dispensers, parking meters, lottery terminals... MORE ABOUT ROLLS
Does your business have stains?
We’ll help you remove them!
KRPA FORM PAPER BAGS TRULY GREASEPROOF BAGS FOR FOOD We also manufacture fast food bags, with a window for bakery goods,
snack, grocery and coin bags
OFFSET PRINTING WE PRINT FORMS transaction, marketing, economic, business forms… forms, contracts, invoices, postal orders, pay packets, tickets,
advertising a information leaflets for direct mailing a marketing,...
MORE ABOUT FORMS DIGITAL PRINTING business cards, gift vouchers, leaflets, posters, tickets, New Year cards,
company calendars, newsletters, brochures and catalogues...


Czech products made of paper with a tradition spanning 180 years

For more than 25 years we have been printing commercial, advertising and economic forms, distributing office papers and processing paper for cash register rolls, rolls for vending machines and plotter rolls. In 2016 we re-introduced the manufacture of paper bags. As a printing house, we have offset, digital and flexoprinting machines ready at all times, which wait for your demands. We supply our goods to wholesale stores, commercial chains as well as to individuals, abroad and all around the Czech Republic.

We are part of one of the biggest Czech paper-producing groups, KRPA Holding, formerly known under the name KRKONOŠSKÉ PAPÍRNY. Together we have celebrated 180 years of paper production and processing.   

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