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Offset printing is suitable for large-volume production

Offset printing is suitable mainly for the production of large volumes of printed matter in the order of thousands and tens of thousands of units. An ideal example can be operational and economic forms (statements, invoices, contracts, discreet envelopes) or printed matter for direct mailing and marketing (leaflets, postal orders, insert media, discount coupons). Compared to digital printing, where the unit price remains the same from a certain limit, the price of offset printing decreases with every further copy.  

With respect to offset printing, there are higher initial costs incurred, which are also associated with the conversion of the printing machine that takes several hours, the exposure of the printing plates and the matching of the register of CMYK colours. But when the entire pre-printing preparation is finished, the offset machines are capable of printing much faster than digital ones.

Possibilities and limits of offset printing

Offset printing makes it possible to print on almost all types of paper. It is possible to execute full-colour and single-colour printing. Unlike digital printing, it is possible to use direct, UV fluorescence or thermal colours (colours reacting to heat). Offset machines are capable of printing both sides of a form in a single passage.  

Offset printing at KRPA FORM

We have a broad base of offset printing machines at our disposal, which we use most often to print forms and advertising materials. In this way, we’re able to produce almost any quantity of printed matter of a broad variety of types and designs within a short period of time. We produce single-layer and multi-layer forms with up to seven copies folded in stacks, cut into sheets, or reeled in rolls.  All the types of forms can be perforated according to your requirements and it is possible to apply direct colours and security features to them.  

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