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Window Bread Bags

Brown and white paper bags with a transparent window made of paper or plastic film are especially popular for packaging bakery products. Paper and perforated plastic film allow the bread to "breathe", so they are especially suitable for fresh hot bread, which does not get „moist“ in the paper as it does in plastic bags. We can also offer those kind of paper bags for packaging of baguettes.

We produce standard bags from brown kraft (MG) paper, paper widdow or plastic fim, certified for direct contact with food. All types of these bags can be made without a window. We can also offer your own printing from all 4 sides (front, back, gussets).

Bakery bags with paper windows are 100 % degradable, compostable and recyclable. Those paper bags also meet the standards that will be introduced by the European Union in the near future.

If you intend to use more fatty products such are donuts, we can also make those paper bags in greaseproof paper instead of kraft paper.

Technical specifications

type of bag flat paper bag
material Kraft paper (MG)/greaseproof paper
grammage 35 – 45 g/m2
color brown (ribbed)/white
width 60 – 380 mm
length 130 – 760 mm
gusset Yes
window Yes/No
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Our production

product name width + flap x length (mm) grammage (g/m2) pcs in box consumer packaging item ID
Bag with window for baguette 120 + 40 x 590 35 1000 100 pcs zig-zag 1396861
Bag with window for bread 140 + 60 x 390 35 1000 100 pcs zig-zag 1401746
Bag with window for small pastries 140 + 60 x 255 35 1000 100 pcs zig-zag 1397388

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