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About krpa form

We’re one of the biggest companies that are engaged in the printing, manufacture and sale of forms, cash register rolls, plotter rolls, flip chart pads, office papers and other paper products in the Czech Republic. In 2016 we resumed manufacturing paper bags in the KRPA Group and we’re preparing further product expansions. At the same time, we are a printing house as we possess our own printing machines with offset, digital and flexoprinting technologies. So we’re able ourselves to print all of our products with colours.

Our customers include mainly domestic customers, from among wholesale stores and small entrepreneurs. We rank among stable and reliable suppliers without quality variations. The whole of our manufacture takes place in the Czech Republic under the management of Czech owners.  

We continue the tradition of manufacture of paper products of Krkonošské papírny, which has been lasting continuously for 180 years.

Executive and commercial director

Tomáš Bárta
e-mail: tomas(***antispam***.***antispam***)barta(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz

Deputy Director

Michal Janků
e-mail: michal(***antispam***.***antispam***)janku(***antispam***@***antispam***)krpa(***antispam***.***antispam***)cz

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